American-Made Arrows for the Purely American Sport of Bowhunting

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Beman Arrows - Pure Hunting Purely American

Salt Lake City, Utah—Increased globalization and lower labor costs have driven a trend toward offshore manufacturing of many of the hunting products that were once made domestically—one notable exception however are Beman Arrows. A full line of carbon arrows comes off the line every day at Beman’s facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Beman is using their unique manufacturing position and taking their message to the bow hunting community through their 2016 “Made-in-USA” campaign. Beman unveiled their 2016 promotions around a simple idea—a great value product that’s made in USA. “Pure Hunting, Purely American” is the brand tagline starting this year.

Gary Cornum, Beman Marketing Manager, stated, “the succinct phrase really embodies the brand message in four words. Beman arrows are everything you need to get out and have a successful bow hunt plus it’s an USA-quality product for what is truly an American sport.”

Beman employs over 400 workers in its arrow manufacturing facilities in Utah and Indiana and they produce a complete range of arrows for the bowhunting market. The employees are enthusiastic archers and bowhunters themselves.

“Hands-on experience with the product gives our team an advantage,” Cornum continued, “because understanding exactly what hunters need drives the innovation that’s essential to develop the best products.”

Visit to see the full product lineup along with Beman’s 2016 campaign music video “Made in the USA”

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