Bear Tips 101

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Beman - Bear Hunting 101

Need to understand that bears are the hardest thing to judge, they have no head gear so you have to look for some other features that will tell you age.
The ears! The lower they sit on the head and further back they are on the head of the bruin giving a wider gap between them will immediately show you age structure.
Sow or Boar? A sow will have bearing hips and smaller front shoulders, they have a tendency to have long narrow muzzles with smaller framed skulls.
Hackles on the upper back towards the head will let you know it is a younger bear, the older boars will have a lower tighter look to them.
Many of your older boars will have a sway to them, many times if you are hunting in very dense cover you will hear them breathing or panting as they approach, bit don’t be fooled we have had some giant bruins sneak in like a cat and make no noise and suddenly appear, this is when your heart beat races and you have to take a deep quiet breath and stay calm pick your spot and send your Beman flying true.
Remember to use your trailcameras at your bait sites for these are tools that will help you be more successful in your adventure. We do not hunt bears without them.
Spring brings the BUGS….years ago we hunted with double headnets, cotton in our ears and duck taped sleeves, and pants around any open area they could crawl in. today we use our ThermaCELL’s all the time and they have made the bug situation no problem to deal with, heck we don’t even use headnets anymore.
Shot placement is critical on any animal and bears are no exception. Always aim thru the bear for the opposite shoulder. Great placement is center of body height and just to the front of center left & right. Yes you have a large area but if you center the bear height & length and hold just in front of center towards the head you will take him home everytime…


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