Beman Factory Ramps Up Hunting Arrow Production

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Beman - Best Hunting Arrows Made in the USA Only.

Now is the time when many outdoorsmen are thinking more about fishing than hunting, but at Beman’s Utah plant, hunting arrow production is in full swing this time of year. “The machines are pretty much running full time as we prepare to meet dealer demand during the busy summer selling season” said Clay Henderson, Vice President of Manufacturing at Beman’s Salt Lake facility. “Our key personnel meet first thing every morning to make certain we’re ready for upcoming orders to insure we ship on time—in addition to safety and quality, prompt delivery is one of our main priorities” Henderson continued.

Beman’s field testing coupled with advanced manufacturing provide the necessary elements needed to make advanced carbon arrows in the U.S. and remain cutting edge and competitive on a global scale. “Field results coupled with the science and innovation behind Beman carbon line are second to none. We’re proud to offer American hunters a top-shelf product that is made at our factories in Utah and Indiana,” said Henderson.

Beman employs over 300 workers in its arrow manufacturing facilities in Utah and Indiana and they produce a complete range of archery products for the bowhunting market.

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