Beman’s 100% Made in the USA, progressive ICS WHITE OUT bolt combines super strong multi-laminate carbon with proven components and implements the next evolution of graphics for crossbow. The high-strength carbon draws speed from high performance crossbows to aid in driving broadheads through big game for more pass-through impacts. ICS WHITE OUT’s bright white shaft increases visibility of arrow flight to help determine the broadhead impact point and big game blood identification on the shaft. Made purely for bowhunting and designed to take down the toughest big game.
  • Improved in-flight visibility
  • Bright white makes finding arrows easier
  • Shows blood to identify shot placement
  • Available with Talon, half-moon, or flat-back nocks
  • High-velocity lightweight carbon
  • Straightness checked and weight-matched for accuracy
ICS WHITE OUT is made with precise manufacturing tolerances to insure bolts shoot accurately in the field and provide tighter broadhead groups. Beman is the leading carbon arrow manufacturer and White Out will be produced in Beman’s Utah manufacturing facility.
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