Made-in-USA Beman ICS Precision Hunter: High Tolerances for Bowhunters

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Beman Carbon Arrows Made in USA

Elevate your game with America’s top-shelf bowhunting arrow—the Beman ICS Precision Hunter. The ICS Precision wraps the speed of advanced lightweight carbon with the highest tolerances in the Beman line-up. Made-in-the-USA carbon is designed specifically for high-strength durability and vital-piercing accuracy for quick kills and easy recovery.

ICS Precision Hunter Features:

· Made in USA
· Straightness +/- .001
· 6.5MM S Diameter
· Size/GPI: 500-7.3, 400-8.4, 340-9.3, 300-9.5
· Direct fit 6.5mm S-nocks included
· MSRP: $80.99

For more information on the Beman ICS Precision Hunter arrow, visit

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