Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrow

Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows – 4 Pack

Jay Jensen   February 15, 2018

Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows

It’s time for a quick hunt before going home.  No nonsense – GRAB AND GO SHOOT.  Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows are ready to shoot right out of the box. No gluing inserts, cutting, or fletching required.  We did it for you, with top shelf components.  Keep the installed field points or switch them out for a broadhead of your own.  Make every moment count when you’re ready to hunt.  Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows – Devastatingly powerful, super-penetrating carbon arrows at a price you can afford.


-100% Straightness checked

-For bows up to 70 LBS.

-Weight matched

-29.5 arrow length (ATA Standard)

-420 grain arrow weight (fully assembled with point)

-Fully assembled with vanes, inserts, nocks and field points (broadheads sold separately)

-One Size Fits Most – Beman “White Box” arrows are made for common bowhunting setups. Arrow overhang will vary, depending on your draw length.

Components Included:


Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows

13 Grain Super Nock

Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows

21 Grain CB Insert

Beman Whitebox Carbon Arrows

100 Grain Field Point



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