Turkey 101

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Turkey Hunting 101 - Beman Arrows

TURKEYS……Ok as you all know I always say I hate turkeys but really I don’t. They are fun to hunt and very challenging at times. When setting up your decoys try and bring then close to your blind, and have the jake or gobbler facing you for most of the time the gobblers will come in towards the head and strut in front of him, many times they will peck at him and try and beat him up. This makes them lock into your decoys and not you, but don’t be fooled, their eyes are always looking and have the ability to almost see 360 degrees and will catch movement even looking away from you.

On most of your turkey situations brushing in a blind is not as important as if you were hunting big game, turkeys seem to not care that much about blinds. However try and use the sun in your favor and set up with the sun to your back, creating more shadows in the blind and not flaring you out sitting inside.

Black clothing does help if your blind is totally black inside, don’t forget your hands and face. This is very important for if you don’t cover these you can be busted by those beedy little bug eyes those turkeys have.

Shot placement, now this is tough, remember you are aiming for a very little spot and almost all the time the turkeys are always moving. My favorite is to aim right above the legs in the body, this way if you shot a hair low you take out his legs and he cant run or fly and when we hit it perfect you take out all his vitals.

We use our NAP spitfires and gobbler getters but recently tried the Killzones and with the huge cutting surface of these heads it really ahs made a difference on recovering your birds. Bigger cutting surface heads do help on these little targets.

Turkey hunting is a great way to get the kids involved in hunting, they are vocal and at many times will let you know they are coming, this adds to the excitement and where it is legal we have had RJ have a blast shooting some turkeys with the crossbow. We enjoy hunting turkeys with bow, crossbow and shotgun. Using a blind is the way to go with the kids, it allows them to be able and move a little more and when needed maybe take a nap when the early mornings get to them…..or even the parents too. LOL.


– Ralph & Vicki

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